CPD for Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians in Great Britain
  CPD for Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians in Great Britain
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Plan and Record for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians (Version 1.4)

Practising or non-practising guidance

CPD submission materials: ONLY for people whose records have been called for review by the Society

Please do NOT send your CPD record to us unless you have received a notification letter specifically asking that you do so. Any record we receive which we have not requested will be destroyed.

Version 1.3 Archived Materials

Some aspects of these booklets and examples are now outdated, so please refer to the version 1.4 pack for current standards and guidance.

Other Competencies (not included in Appendix 6)

Please note, competencies are an optional field, so if you do not feel competences are relevant to you, please do not enter them in your CPD record.

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